Jams of the Week

“Music is the message.”

Week A1:
0. A Lovely Night, Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone (w/ Justin Hurwitz);
1. Skyline, FKJ (French Kiwi Juice);
2. Go Back Home, FKJ (French Kiwi Juice);
3. I See Reflections in Your Eyes, 木戸やすひろ;
4. Baby Grey, Loyle Carner;
5. DO IT, Dabeull;
6. Losing My Way, Tom Misch & FKJ;

Week A2:
0. Before You Knew Me, Carmody;
1. The Birth of the Blues, Sammy Davis Jr.;
2. Sister Sadie, Joan Chamorro presenta La Màgia de la Veu & Jazz Ensemble;
3. Cold Little Heart - Tom Misch Remix, Michael Kiwanuka & Tom Misch;

Week A3:
0. Canggu, <French Kiwi Juice>, FKJ;
1. Blessed, <French Kiwi Juice>, FKJ;
2. Vibbin’ Out, <French Kiwi Juice>, FKJ;
3. Die with a Smile, <French Kiwi Juice>, FKJ;
4. Joy, <French Kiwi Juice>, FKJ;
5. Lying Together, <French Kiwi Juice>, FKJ;

Week A4:
0. Come - Extended Version, Jain;
1. Silent Roar, euphoria
2. Follow Me, Muse;
3. A都市の秋, Lamp;
4. Some of These Days, Sant Andreu Jazz Band;
5. That’s What I Like, Bruno Mars;